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Bakery Machinery

Rotary Rack Oven

Rotary rack ovens are commonly used in commercial bakeries and other food service operations to bake a variety of products, including bread, pastries, and cakes. The ovens are designed with a rotating rack that allows the product to be evenly exposed to heat and ensures consistent baking results.​ Backed by the sincere efforts of our experts, we have been able to manufacture and supply, quality-assured Rotary Rack Ovens, fabricated from stainless steel, that work on either Diesel, Gas, Electricity, or Fire

Capacity of Oven: 12, 18, 24, 36, 42, 72, 80 trays
Highly Efficient: Insulation & Heat Resistant Glass.
Our Rotary Rack Oven can be used to make all types of bread, Biscuits with Temperatures up to 300° C (572° F). We can provide custom-sized Ovens.


A spiral mixer is a type of commercial kitchen equipment that is primarily used for mixing dough. The mixer features a large spiral-shaped agitator that rotates within a stationary mixing bowl.
This Spiral Mixer is made with a heavy MS body. Bowl is fixed by a gearbox.
Machine is also available with safeguard. The machine also automatically stops when the safeguard opens. Bowl & Mixing Spiral are made from stainless steel.
Low noise & Low Vibration.
Standard SS304 based bowl & hook Never Broken.
Timer Panel available with VFD function. Overload protection is also available in the control panel.

Cookies Dropping Machine

A cookie dropping machine, also known as a cookie depositor, is a type of commercial kitchen equipment used for making cookies. It is a machine that automatically drops a specific amount of dough onto a baking tray or sheet.
All Machine Parts are made from Stainless Steel, MS & Cast Iron.
Machine Panel, motor & gearbox, are standard made like Bonfiglioli, Lenze, Bouvario, Rako, CG, Reboox, Etc.
Comes with two types of Wire cut Die, One type of Rotary Die.
Computerized Automation Panel Servo Based High-Speed machine
We also make making machines for the preparation of hard cookies.
We also make a cupcake drop machine.


A dough sheeter machine is a type of commercial kitchen equipment used for flattening and shaping the dough. The machine features a set of rollers that flatten the dough to a desired thickness and shape.
Dough Sheeter Machines are Suitable for Khari & Making Dough for Pizza.
This model is Space efficient for hotels, restaurants, Pizza shops, Bakery, Canteen & Kitchens.
This machine also comes with a safety cover & Run Smoothly.
This model also keeps anywhere like mobile type model easily shifting doing & also wraps the Table from both sides.
comes with a detachable scrapper

Proofer Machine

A proofer machine, also known as a proof box or proofing cabinet, is a type of commercial kitchen equipment used for proofing dough. The machine creates a warm and humid environment that allows yeast dough to rise and ferment before baking.
We make Proofer 1 trolley to 4 trolleys according to customer tray size.
We also take Proofing Humidity up to 100% & 80° Heat in our proofer Machine.
Product is taken approx. 45 min. to 1 Hour for Bread Proofing. The machine is also available in Full Body in Stainless Steel.

Bread Slicer

A bread slicer is a type of commercial kitchen equipment used for slicing bread. The machine typically features a blade that is adjustable to different thicknesses, allowing the operator to slice bread loaves to the desired thickness.
Both the Models are available in SS (Stainless Steel) & MS (Mild Steel).
Both Models cuts bread with high precision.


- Noise Free Running
- Easy to Operate.
- 0% Vibration
- Running with 1/2 HP Motor 1 Phase.

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