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Frozen Machinery


An infeed belt conveyor is a type of conveyor system used in commercial and industrial settings to transport materials or products from one location to another
500 mm Wide X 3 Meter Long
Food quality endless Belt
Frame of tube/pipe S.S.304.
Drive & driven rollers are rubber coated
Feed and discharge chute of SS-304.
MOC: - S.S 304
Electrical Power: - 0.5 HP


A fruit washer machine is a type of commercial kitchen equipment used to clean and sanitize fruits and vegetables. The machine typically uses water and/or a cleaning solution to wash and remove dirt, debris, and other contaminants from the produce.
High pressure Blower of aluminium body mounted on S.S frame.
Water pump to create turbulence action to push forward the Mangoes to elevator.
Take off elevator 600 mm wide x 3 m long approx.
P.P Belt (food quality) with Product and support flights at 250 mm pitch.
Fresh water is spread on Mangoes from top and bottom of P.P belt to clean the Mangoes.
MOC: - S.S 304
Electrical Power: - 1 HP Elevator Drive
2 HP Turbo Blower Drive 1 HP Centrifugal Pump


Food storage and preservation: Cold rooms are used for storage and preservation of perishable food items such as fruits, vegetables, meats, dairy products, and seafood.
Pharmaceutical storage: Cold rooms are used for storing vaccines, medicines, and other medical supplies at specific temperatures to maintain their efficacy and stability.
Industrial processes: Cold rooms are used in the manufacturing of various products such as chocolate, ice cream, and frozen foods to control temperature and increase product quality.
Scientific research: Cold rooms are used in scientific and research facilities for experiments that require low temperature environments, such as cryogenics, superconductivity, and materials science research.
Agriculture: Cold rooms are used in agriculture for storage of crops, seeds, and livestock products.
Art preservation: Cold rooms are used to store and preserve artwork, historical artifacts, and museum collections at a stable temperature and humidity level


Fruit ripening: Ripening chambers are used to control the ripening process of fruits such as bananas, avocados, mangoes, and papayas.
Vegetable maturation: Ripening chambers are used to control the maturation process of vegetables such as tomatoes and peppers, to improve their flavor and texture.
Cheese aging: Ripening chambers are used for aging and maturing cheese, to develop its flavor, aroma, and texture.
Wine storage: Ripening chambers are used for wine storage and aging, to improve its taste and aroma
Tobacco curing: Ripening chambers are used in the tobacco industry for curing and aging tobacco leaves, to improve their flavor and aroma.
Research and development: Ripening chambers are used in research and development facilities to study the effect of temperature and humidity on the ripening process of various fruits, vegetables, and other products.

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