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Setting up of Cold Storage 

The Cold Storage Scheme, initiated by the National Horticulture Board (NHB), aims to support the construction, expansion, and modernization of cold storage facilities for horticulture produce. By providing financial assistance and technology add-ons, the scheme endeavors to enhance storage capacity and modernize infrastructure in the horticulture sector.


  1. Storage Infrastructure Enhancement: Support the development of cold storage facilities to meet the storage requirements of horticulture produce.
  2. Promote Modernization: Encourage the adoption of modern technologies and practices to improve storage efficiency and quality of horticulture produce.
  3. Address Regional Disparities: Provide differential financial assistance to promote cold storage development in areas with varying geographical challenges.

Components of the Scheme

  1. Financial Assistance for Cold Storage Construction/Expansion/Modernization:

    • General Area: Grant-in-aid @35% for storage capacity above 5000 MT up to 10000 MT.
    • North East, Hilly States: Grant-in-aid @50% for storage capacity 1000 MT or above.
  2. Technology Add-on for Controlled Atmosphere (CA) and Modernization:

    • Additional financial assistance for technology add-ons:
      • CA Equipment: Subject to a maximum of ₹5.00 crores.
      • Modernization: Subject to a maximum of ₹2.50 Crores.

Financial Assistance

  • General Area:
    • Grant-in-aid @35% for storage capacity above 5000 MT up to 10000 MT.
  • North East, Hilly States:
    • Grant-in-aid @50% for storage capacity 1000 MT or above.

Technology Add-on

  • CA Equipment:
    • Maximum financial assistance of ₹5.00 crores.
  • Modernization:
    • Maximum financial assistance of ₹2.50 Crores.

Implementation Plan

  1. Project Proposal Submission:

    • Interested parties submit detailed project proposals to NHB, outlining the scope, capacity, and modernization requirements.
  2. Project Evaluation and Approval:

    • NHB evaluates proposals based on feasibility, technology requirements, and compliance with guidelines.
    • Approved projects receive financial assistance as per the scheme criteria.
  3. Infrastructure Development:

    • Execution of construction, expansion, or modernization activities as per approved project plans.
    • Procurement and installation of cold storage equipment, including CA technology and modernization components.
  4. Operational Phase:

    • Commencement of cold storage operations for horticulture produce.
    • Utilization of modernized infrastructure to enhance storage efficiency and product quality.
  5. Monitoring & Evaluation:

    • Regular monitoring of project progress and expenditure utilization.
    • Evaluation of outcomes in terms of increased storage capacity, adoption of modern technologies, and overall impact on horticulture produce storage.


The Cold Storage Scheme by NHB aims to strengthen the storage infrastructure for horticulture produce through financial assistance and technology support. By promoting construction, expansion, and modernization of cold storage facilities, the scheme contributes to the development of the horticulture sector and ensures better post-harvest management practices.

For further information and application guidelines, interested parties should refer to the official NHB website or contact the board directly.

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