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How does Autoclave machine works? – Reach Us #Alliance

Think pressure cooker, but for sterilizing! Autoclaves use high-pressure steam to eliminate bacteria, viruses, and spores on equipment and materials.

Here’s the basic process:

  1. Load & Seal: Place items in the autoclave chamber and lock the door securely.
  2. Air Removal: Air is removed from the chamber using a vacuum or steam pulses. This allows steam to penetrate deeply.
  3. Steam & Pressure: Steam fills the chamber and pressure builds. The high temperature (around 270°F) of the steam denatures proteins, killing microorganisms. ️
  4. Hold Time: The chamber maintains the high temperature and pressure for a set time, ensuring complete sterilization. ⏱️
  5. Pressure Release: Slowly, the pressure is released, and the chamber cools down.
  6. Sterile! Once cool, your equipment and materials are sterile and ready for use. ✅

Alliance offers top-notch autoclaves to ensure your equipment and materials are always contamination-free! #Alliance #Autoclaves #Sterilization

Pilot and Multifunctional Autoclave

These teams are aimed at equipping pilot plants as well as the catering and industries world with high added value products, ready to perform sterilization and pasteurization, along with perfect control of cooking.

The different technologies allow the equipment to be adapted to the requirements of the product regardless of the container and its format (metal, glass, plastics, flexible packaging, etc.).

autoclave catering
autoclave piloto pequeña

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