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Our new Alma 4.0 Food software control #Alliance


The ALMA FULL CONTROL software developed by Marrodán is the perfect tool to keep the process under control and optimize its performance.

– Industrial PC Panel.

– Linux OS with own development.

– Real-time status display:

-Process status.

– Programming and recipe management.

– Multi-language and multi-unit presentation application (Optional).

– Process logging and report generation in PDF format.

– Possibility of multiple users with different level of privileges.

– Password protection.

– Remote connection via PC.

– Data export in compatible formats for management (CSV).

– From 1 to 6 product probes per autoclave.

– Multi-team government command post.


Alma Food Control sterilization lines

Alliance complements its process lines with a

rationalization system.

The various systems are designed with the possibility of adapting to all types of containers and formats regardless of the production speed.

The result is the realization of our customers’ needs in a range of effectively tested systems.



Autoclave linea automatizacion racionalizacion

PDM operator’s platform with Alma Food control

With the PDM control station we can control the entire process of sterilization of product packaging.

Managing the positioning of the containers in their containers: rigid container cages or flexible containers in stackable trays,

fully automatically.

We also control the feeding or evacuation of the cages to the corresponding sterilization equipment, selecting the equipment and its relevant sterilization program in each of the existing

equipment in the plant.

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